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How Much Plagiarism is Allowed in UK Universities

Posted on: April 16, 2017

The word plagiarism is derived from the word ‘plagiarius’ which means “kidnapper” in Latin. The definition has since been expanded to include those who steel other people’s words, rendering the original definition obsolete. Universities use the appropriate tools to ensure that a student’s work is original. This does not mean that you cannot use another person’s discoveries and findings in your own work. This implies that you must give credit and provide references to the original contributors each and every time you use their work. KingEssays provides extensive support and assistance to students to guide them throughout the composition process.

The Progressive and Contemporary Methods of Plagiarism

Some students use their programmable calculators to store important formulas. Others use their stereo systems to playback theories and principles which might be useful during exams. Some pupils even go so far as to message pictures of questions to the students outside the exam.

Just as students are finding out new ways to cheat, institutes are also combating plagiarism with new and ingenious ways. Universities have setup firewall’s and network security which does not allow students to send messages directly to their colleagues. Some institutes even have monitoring cameras installed in their computer labs. They have employed software to detect plagiarism. In the end, all students know and aware that essay writing service is illegal. They also know that they will be facing serious academic consequences if they get caught.

How Much Plagiarism is Allowed In UK Universities

Determining the Approved Extent of Plagiarism in a Class

It is every teacher’s discretion to determine how much plagiarism is allowed in their class. For some teachers, dealing with students looking for assistance and geography dissertation ideas, plagiarism might not be a big concern. On the other hand, a sociology instructor may be very keen on detecting plagiarism in their student’s dissertation editing services. Regardless of which course you are taking, it is obvious that all academic submissions will always be inspected and examined before the marks are given to students based on their performance. Using custom-built software institute’s can easily detect plagiarism.

Complicated State of Affair for Institutes and Offenders

One of the very first outcomes of officially accusing a student of plagiarising is some very frustrated parents. They are usually the ones helping their child in managing money to make good decisions and paying the tuition. They can choose to pursue a lawsuit against the institute accusing their child of plagiarism. On the other hand, they can even choose to side with the institute and discipline their child. Institutes face the dilemma of prosecuting one of their own students as this will not have a positive impact on their reputation. The solution is one that requires both parents and institutes to collaborate with each other to prevent cheating and plagiarism on all levels.