Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions which are repeatedly being asked on our help-desk. We termed those questions as FAQ i.e. Frequently Asked Questions. In this page, we have gathered all FAQ which are mostly being inquired. Here is the list of all FAQ.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should new customers and clients trust the claims made by King Essay?

    King Essay first came in to existence in 2011 with the sole objective of helping students achieve their scholastic goals and aspirations. We were one of the pioneers providing a refund to students who were not satisfied with our services. This help us to learn from the mistakes that we made. The image of King Essay started to blossom and King Essay started to develop a positive reputation. Countless revisions have taken place in our policies & terms to reach the eminent prestige which we enjoy today.

  2. When is the ideal time to contact the staff at King Essay?

    The staff at King Essay is available on a 24/7 basis. All you have to do is visit our website and click on the Live Chat button. One of our representatives will be there to assist you. Alternatively if you are looking for a written response to any of your questions you can contact us via our contact form. Just fill in your question in the contact form and our representatives will reply to all your inquiries. In case, there is an urgent matter and you want to get hold of our representatives as soon as possible. You can give us a call via our toll free number and get answers regarding all your questions.

  3. Can students avail a discount on the non-discounted facilities? How can a student contact a customer representative regarding this issue?

    Discounts are usually offered to attract customers towards products or services. We want to take this opportunity to reassure all our clients and customers that all our products and services are competitively priced. King Essay prides itself of having clear and straightforward operating procedures. If you believe that you can suggest something to add to the folder of our services, we would be more than happy to hear from you.

  4. How qualified is the staff at King Essay? How qualified are the writers and what are their expertise?

    To qualify to become a writer with King Essay, writers must possess at least a Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 2 years of experience. At this point in time, King Essay also has PhD’s in their group of writers, who are specialised in their field of qualification. We only hire experienced writers, who are qualified and are well versed with traditional formatting and composition skills.

  5. Do you provide work which is completely free of plagiarism?

    Yes. This is one of our main concerns.

  6. How can I be sure that the work which you provided is actually free of plagiarism?

    The best way to ensure that the final product is free of plagiarism is to ask for a “Turnitin Report” while placing an order. You will receive this report via email attached with the final work.

  7. Are your writers native English speakers?

    Yes. All of our writers are native English speakers. This is part of our criteria for the selection of writers.

  8. Does the company assist students who have a very short deadline for submitting their projects and assignments?

    We understand that students follow a very hectic lifestyle. It is not uncommon for students to be assigned with an academic task at the last minute. Since we pride ourselves with providing quality services, we understand that these circumstances occur every day. This is the reason why, the minimum deadline option that we offer is 24 hours.

  9. Is it possible for me to request that the same writer, which helped me earlier, be able to complete my task this time as well?

    By all means, yes, this is possible. If it is that you are satisfied with a certain writer and you are pleased with their work, the same writer can be assigned to you again. If the inverse is true, and you are not satisfied with a certain a writer, still do let us know so that we can take the necessary steps.

  10. Which modes of payment do you accept?

    Currently you can make a payment via our secure payment method using a Credit Card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa) or via PayPal. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer support staff directly if you are inquiring about making a payment in a way other than the two methods discussed. They will be able to guide you according to your adjustment.

  11. I have placed an order and made the payment but no one has contacted me for my task. What is the problem?

    This usually happens in the following 3 circumstances:

    • You have placed an order and made the payment. The payment processing company usually confirms the payment within 5 minutes both on the customer’s end and at our end. Sometimes it does take actually more than 5 minutes to process the payment. Once the payment has been confirmed, the order appears in the system of King Essay. Now it will be automatically assigned to an available customer support agent. The customer support agent will now contact you directly via email.
    • Our customer support agent contacts the customer on the same email which they provided at the time of filling up the order form. The customer is checking some other email address which is not the same as the one provided in the order form. Or email from our agent is dropped in your Junk/Spam box.
    • The email address you provided while placing the order is was wrong.

    If you believe that none of these 3 circumstances apply in your case, you should contact the live chat agent and ask them what is taking so long. Make sure you have your order number with you at the time of contacting the customer support agent. It will be there in the system generated email you received at the time of placing an order.

  12. What happens if a student is not satisfied with the work presented? What is the standard policy for customer satisfaction?

    We are very prudent and meticulous about the issue of customer satisfaction. This is a key concern for all the staff. For this very reason, we have a qualified person who will manually check each document with the assistance of a helper, before submission of the document to the customer. If errors still turn out undetected by our experts, to ensure customer satisfaction we will make the necessary adjustments free of cost.

  13. Is the personally identifiable information, demographic information and the information related to the task completely secure?

    People are especially reluctant to fill up forms on the internet because of the risk of a breach of confidentiality. The other most common concern is having to receive and delete tons of unwanted advertising emails. For people concerned about the issue of confidentiality, we would like to remind you that all your personally identifiable and demographic information is always kept completely confidential. We never disclose any of this information to any third parties. Providing customers with confidentiality of all of the information related to their task and personal information is strict part of our policy.

  14. When does the Company issue a refund?

    In the following situations a refund may be issued:

    1. When a student accidentally pays twice for the same order.
    2. If our writers are unable to deliver your order on time.
    3. In-case, the work provided by our writers is plagiarised or copied.
    4. If the student fails with the help of our assistance.
    5. When student does not get good grades, the refund will be issued according to company policies.
    6. If the final work provided by the company to the student is substandard and the student cannot understand the work without the help of the author.

    Before a refund is issued in any one of these situations, we first provide complimentary editing services to ensure customer satisfaction. If the customer is still not satisfied then finally a refund is issued according to our terms and conditions.

  15. What are the different types of writing assistance offered by the company?

    To find a comprehensive and updated list of the services offered by the company, visit our services page.

  16. What is the best way to place an order on your website?

    The Order Now page has been conveniently linked to each page on our website. On the Order Now page you will see a form asking for all your personal information and the information related to the instructions of your order. Once you have completed the form, click on the “Place Order” button to finalise your order.

  17. Are there any extra charges if I need to make additional changes in the instructions even before the order has been delivered?

    You have already placed an order. Now you want to make changes to the initial instructions. Since customer satisfaction is one of our primary concerns, you are in luck. If the changes you want to make are adjustable simple modifications to the original instructions, you will not be charged anything. If the changes are likely to effect the initial instructions, you can discuss with your customer support agent the best prices which we can offer you.

  18. Will I be charged extra if I have additional requirements of help and revision after the order has already been delivered to me?

    Our writers strive to achieve excellence in each project. We pride ourselves in providing the best possible services in the most competitive rates. If your task requires minor changes which do not require too much time or effort, we will gladly do this for you at no extra charge. If your task is such that it changes the main instructions and it requires renewed effort and time from the writer, this will be charged as editing. The editing will be charged and completed in compliance with our revision policy.

  19. Are there any hidden charges?


  20. Under any circumstances, are there any additional charges once the order has been placed?

    Yes, in certain cases where special software is required to be used (for e.g. SPSS, EViews, STATA, etc.) there can be additional charges because all the prices over our website are for normal requirements.

  21. Can I contact the writer directly?

    No, you do not need to contact the writer directly. Our customer support staff is there to assist you throughout the process. They are the middlemen between you and writer. So if you send any requirement to them, basically it will be delivered to writer and been responded by writer.

  22. How do I file for a refund?

    First, you need to inform your assigned customer support agent. You will be redirected to the refund department from there.

  23. Will the refund department assist me in getting my money back?

    The refund department will assist you in getting your money back. You have to comply with the company’s terms and conditions to successfully get your money back. They will help you throughout the process and inform you of all the proofs and documentation required from your side. Once the claim has been approved, the refund department will coordinate with the finance department to make sure that the money is returned immediately. Finally, the money will be sent back to the same account from where we originally received the payment.

  24. My support agent has referred my case to the refund department but no one from the refund department has responded until now. When are they going to contact me?

    The refund department will usually contact you within 5 – 7 business days. If they are busy, they will communicate with you via email when they will be available.

  25. Once the order has been placed, do I need to do anything?

    No, you do not need to do anything. Our writers will do the job for you.

  26. What if the prices seem expensive to me, can I speak to anyone about it?

    Yes, you can speak to our live chat agent. They will be the one to assist you further and address all your concerns.

  27. What is the difference between Research & Writing and Editing however prices for both services are the same?

    A Research & Writing service must be completed by our writer from start to finish. This includes the time it takes to research the subject and the time associated with actually writing the project. Editing service is a completely different story. Since a semi-complete work is provided to the writer to edit, it may be charged for less. For example, research & writing 50 pages will be charged as 50 pages. Editing 50 pages of a project may be charged as 20 pages, 25 pages or even 30 pages. It all depends on the changes you required in your work. You need to speak to a live agent to get actual prices.