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Revision Policy

The Company will facilitate each client to satisfy their demands. Our team will revise your homework without any question, if it does not fulfil your demands completely. To assure client satisfaction, the following policies are a part of our revision policy:

  • The Customer can request for a revision, according to this policy.
  • The Company is liable to provide the numerous revisions to ensure customer satisfaction if the supplied coursework contain any related issue.
  • In a period of twenty days, you can demand for a revision. This nominated time will be started from the delivery deadline. Exceeding than 5,000 words for an assignment, dissertation, and or dissertation proposal, the amendment request must be claimed before completion of 35 days from the order delivery date.
  • In 5 days from the date of delivery the customer should inspect the final essay that the required services of editing, proofreading and or formatting have been successfully delivered. Within this 5 day period the client can request for revision.
  • The request for revision must be made in the designated time. In-case if request is made after mentioned time, we will charge customer accordingly. Still it is possible that on-duty manager accepts amendment request without charges based on several circumstances.
  • Requests for modification will be implemented quickly if the demanded criteria and the basic details of order matching with each other.
  • Revision can be requested in the following situations:
    • Client receives work which is not in compliance with original instructions.
    • Client’s institute provides the client with negative comments and an opportunity to submit their work again.

In both cases, the correspondence between the Client and the support agent will be investigated. If the mistake is on behalf of the support agent or the writer, the company will provide the editing facilities complimentary. Otherwise we will investigate how much work needs to be revised.
These are the principles pertaining to our Revision Policy. Priority will always be given to the clauses in the terms and conditions page in-case of dispute.