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Common Errors to Avoid in an Effective Personal Statement

Posted on: April 13, 2017

One of the most common errors in writing a personal statement is the usage of quotes, phrases or expressions which are already quite prominent by themselves. They are used with the intention of bringing attention to our own work. While in reality, quite the opposite effect is achieved. It makes the reader assume that there is some sort of lapse of confidence in the writer’s own personal statement writing. This has become the reason why the writer has resorted to using other people’s quotes and references. An effective professional personal statement should always be free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Use your chance of making a good first impression in to a long lasting impression.

What to Include in a Productive Personal Statement

If you have participated in any extracurricular activities this is the time to mention them. If you have received any awards for distinguished performance from any institute, bring this up now. This will make your nursing personal statement one to be remembered, a cut above the rest. Make sure that you make it very clear that you also have all the necessary qualifications to meet the competition as well as their requirements. Your academic qualifications should be expressed in a very matter of fact manner, without hesitation or any wavering. The less emotion you use in a personal statement, the better it will be your key to success as college students.

Common Errors in Personal Statement

Common Errors in Writing Which are Often Overlooked

Getting a job early is one of the benefits of the easy ways to save money especially while studying. That isn’t going to happen if you end up being too emotional in your personal statement. The employer needs to be able to see you as a real person but they don’t need to know all your dirty laundry. Another one of the many common errors in constructing a good personal statement is using repetitive vocabulary. Using the same words over and over again will only make your work seem like a nuisance. This is the best way to lose a reader’s interest and look forward to misfortune and frustration. Even if you are expressing the same idea more than once use a different word for it.

Summing it All Up Without Losing the Reader’s Interest

So far you have had a reason to keep on writing. Whether it was articulating your qualifications and achievements or trying to explain why you chose this path. The conclusion is the tricky part you’ve said all you could say to establish an impression. What happens now? How do you conclude your personal statement without ending in a sob story? The experts at King Essay UK believe that this is where your research will come in handy. This is your time to assert what sort of unique contributions you could make if you are selected. Don’t get too enthusiastic and start making exaggerated claims of what you will achieve. Instead show them how you are a realistically good choice for them without undermining their reputation.