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Privacy Policy

Placing an order over our website, the following is our policy regarding your privacy and personal information we collect about you:

  • We have very strict policy regarding Personal Identifiable Information (PII). According to that policy all the details of any client remains confidential & hidden.
  • It is also our part of policy not to share PII with any business or website either intentionally or unintentionally. So there is nothing to worry about while putting any information in required fields all over website.
  • Our privacy policy also caters the sensitive information of payment of any customer. It means that we do not leak your payment detail over any forum, nor to any third party. In this way, your credit card or any other payment credentials will be safe and secure.
  • The company won’t bare any responsibility if any customer discloses or share his/her bank or payment information with anyone else.
  • It is customer’s duty to provide the true information. The data may be the name, email address and phone number. Be confident that these detail will only necessary to contact with the client, nothing else. Thus, the information is perfectly secure.
  • The company discourage the direct contact of customer and writer for any task like essay or coursework. The support member is always available to serve you. If any client want to convey his/her message or have any query, he/she can connect with support agent. It’s support agent’s responsibility to respond well to student and satisfy his/her need.
  • Keep in mind that the payment details won’t handle by us. While making payment for any order, a trusted payment gateway company handles your request. Simply it is a process of taking the funds from your bank and deposit in our bank, that’s it. All the information delivered over website of payment gateway company comes under their privacy policy.
  • Once the order has been placed, the files and information associated with a certain dissertation are in plain view of the writing team. There is no fault of company, if any client exposes his/her personal detail while placing the order for any of his/her concern like assignment. We strictly condem to write any billing information or personal one in any email, sending to writer.

The policies mentioned in the terms and conditions page will be given priority in the case of disputes. This page i.e. privacy policy is a specific part of whole policies.