Sample Tasks

King Essay focuses on quality rather than quantity and this is what distinguishes us from other writing service providers. Our team of writers are some of the most qualified staff members. They all possess either master’s or PhD qualifications from recognised institutes. Our all experts are distinguished in their field of specialisation. They provide new and unique information in each project. Our staff acknowledges that adhering to the deadline of a project is of fundamental importance. Our writers strictly comply with the designated deadline. As a result, most clients are satisfied with the first version. If there are any unintentional mistakes, the writers will make the required revision without any objections. We have placed several sample work on our website so you can examine quality before proceeding further.

The following samples are provided to help you get an idea. Of course, your requirements will be different. These samples are provided just to help you make a decision. You can judge how well the author applied writing skills to achieve the final composition.

Categorised Samples

In the above samples you should be looking for the following aspects:

1. Quality of Sample

  1. Does the sample have a capturing title?
  2. Can you identify the main idea?
  3. Everything else contribute to the main idea?
  4. Does it fulfil the assigned prerequisites for the task?
  5. Does the composition “flow” as a whole?

2. Focus

This is how well the author culminates focus towards the designated subject. Ideally, the author should be able to capture the interest of the reader from start till finish.

  1. Does it effectively capture interest?
  2. Sample is easy to understand?
  3. Are the contents and headings relevant to each other?
  4. Is it pertaining to the main subject?
  5. Does it have an appropriate conclusion?

3. Ideas and Themes

This is the subject matter which is delivered throughout the content. Sometimes the author has to provide more information related to facts and figures. Other times it is a complete work of fiction. In either scenario, the importance remains on the unique and new information purveyed by the overall composition.

  1. Does it have an effective introduction?
  2. The composition provide relevant information?
  3. Does it portray mastery of details?
  4. Also it consider all aspects of the argument?
  5. Does it provide references?

4. Vocabulary in Sample

It is important to identify the overall effectiveness of the language used to purvey the above features. Bad vocabulary will inevitably present ambiguous and unclear information.

  1. Does it fulfil the word count?
  2. Are the words spelled correctly?
  3. Does it have proper capitalisation?
  4. Is new vocabulary presented with its meaning?
  5. Does it contribute to the main idea?

5. Grammar

Grammar is an essential component of any piece of writing. If the author is unable to present their point of view without using proper grammar, it is their fault. For a composition to be productive, it must follow grammatical laws.

  1. Are clauses formed properly?
  2. Does proper sentence structure exist?
  3. Do the subject and verbs agree in number (singular, plural)?
  4. Is punctuation properly used?
  5. Are nouns, verbs and modifiers appropriately used?