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Plagiarism Policy

We are very conscious regarding providing the plagiarism free work to every customer. For this, we have set the strict rules in our system. Our writing team follows all of them to ensure the client satisfaction.

If any customer discovers excessive plagiarism in their coursework, a claim should be filed, within 10 days of the final delivery. Our Quality Assurance Department will investigate the matter and take necessary actions.

Existence of Plagiarism:

Our writers are so proficient, intelligent and educated that they deliver the professional work to every client. They know, very well, what is plagiarism. They understand the value of non-plagiarised work. For this reason, they incorporate unique ideas and concepts while writing each dissertation for you.

Another concept which is important to detecting duplication is copied sentences and phrases. The most superlative essay is one which is unique in regards to views and ideas, as well as language skills. Proper grammar, vocabulary and structure will be provided to you as a standard by our authors.

Quotes will be included in your homework, as they are. References may be provided for quotes but calculations and statistics will be the result of computations. The theories and concepts used to complete a physics or science related assignment may be exactly the same in other resources.

Verifying Non-Plagiarised Work:

How do you know that the dissertation proposal delivered to you is non-plagiarised? The easiest way is to check the document by yourself via any plagiarism detection software. The other method is to ask for a plagiarism report from us. We will provide a comprehensive duplication detection report. This will be the best proof for our plagiarism free work.

We suggest all customers to read the all the clauses mentioned in the terms and conditions page. It contains all the rules and regulations which are used to resolve cases. In case of a dispute, the terms and conditions will always be followed.