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3 Ways of Identifying Barriers of Learning and the Solution

Posted on: August 10, 2017

In a professional educational environment learning can be an exciting and exhilarating academic development. The definite proof of that professional educational environment will result in the product of a large number of highly qualified individuals successfully attaining their higher academic certifications. On the contrary, an institute’s failure to appropriately enforce a successful learning environment will slowly result in barriers of learning trivialising the society’s educational norms. The students undertaking courses in commerce, engineering or even the arts subjects may begin to contemplate, what are these academic barriers which are causing the failure of the educational system? The next most obvious question pertaining to this line of reasoning is that, is there a way to rectify the situation.

This article has been designed with the most updated research and investigation in to the field of education to provide conducive benefits of education in research information to students. The most common barriers of learning can be placed in to three wide-ranging yet overlapping classifications.

Identifying Barriers of Learning & the Solution

  1. Educational Circumstances: Superficial indoctrination’s placed on learners because of the academic and physical atmosphere in the institute.
  2. Intellectual Enthusiasm and Conduct: The student’s willingness and effort to understand the implemented syllabus and complete the assigned UK assignments.
  3. Personal Characteristics: The diverse characteristics and backgrounds that each student brings to the learning process.

Each one of these categories can affect the student independently or even in a unique and contrasting combination. For example, a fast paced university environment may be conducive to academic productivity but not for a student dealing with the lack of sleep effects. Let’s look at each classification in further detail.

Educational Circumstances

This is one of the most apparent and recognisable stimulus towards learning to have a pronounced academic influence. It includes the following subcategories:

Teaching Methods: This relates to specific teaching methods imparted in an institute to help students progress further within the scholastic hierarchy. If a specific teaching method clashes with the student’s learning style this can become an obvious barrier.

Classroom Atmosphere: The quality of the student-teacher interaction, the actual reinforcement and learning activities taking place in the classroom. If learners feel that their teacher is not easily accessible to respond to and resolve their inquiries it could have serious side-effects on pupil’s performance and motivation towards studies.

Syllabus: The curriculum being used by the institution to impart quality education to its learners. It also incorporates the different courses and their corresponding course structures being used by the academy.

Performance Evaluation: This is the driving force behind student’s efforts. Some students may not put in a lot of effort but still be able to acquire a favourable assessment. Other students may put in a lot of effort but not be able to gain a positive evaluation. This is why this is listed as a barrier.

Academic Facilities: Each university has specific educational amenities which students can take advantage of to complete their assignments and conduct research. This includes computer labs, libraries and any other facilities which the students can use to research a business decision making assignment on their free will.

Extracurricular Facilities: Some institutes will have fringe benefits for students such as a gymnasium, basket-ball court or even table tennis facilities which the students can use to unwind and feel at ease. The absence of these resources may lead students to feel under constant pressure.

Intellectual Enthusiasm and Conduct

Some students will have a very high level of motivation to complete each and every one of their academic responsibilities with the highest level of excellence. Yet others will not be able to put in the minimum required effort to complete a given task and employ the services of King Essay UK to complete their assignment for them. The solution to this factor depends on a scholar’s willingness to ask for assistance from their instructors and professors.

Personal Characteristics

Each student will be coming from a different background, cultures and beliefs. Some cultures will have a natural tendency to promote education. Other students will be reluctant to readily accept change. Teacher’s can promote a healthy learning environment by assigning projects which will encourage individuals of diverse cultures to work together to learn from each other and accept change.