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MLA Citation Format Implemented to Establish Credibility

Posted on: April 5, 2017

In a college student’s final project it is compulsory to provide references utilised in whole dissertation. King Essay provides dissertation proposal help to all of its clients using the Harvard and MLA referencing style. Both of these referencing styles are known as parenthetical referencing styles. This basically means that the references should be provided in line with the text in parenthesis. Any time during the course of your composition you refer to external sources, the reference must be provided in line with the text. In the bibliography section a complete list of all the works cited must be included.

Maintaining MLA Citation Format Throughout Your Article

Any time you are quoting from original sources using an author’s own words and arguments within your composition, you must use quotations. Even if you decide to reword an author’s entire argument within your own words in a paragraph you must still cite the original work. The quotation should start from where your rephrasing began, all the way to the end of the author’s argument. In the bibliography you must provide a list of all of the articles cited in your work. To cite a website using the MLA referencing format it is important to mention the author’s and the contributor’s names and their arguments as well as dates but NOT the exact URL.

MLA Citation Format's Credibility

MLA Referencing Guide Advantages and Disadvantages

The MLA style of reference is most conveniently used in the humanities subjects, literature and language rather than a business proposal. If the reader is familiar with the field of study, they can easily recognise and associate with the various types of referencing styles for productive writing. If a single source is used over and over again throughout the article even a novice will easily be able to remember the mentioned source. The main advantage of this type of referencing is that readers can cite sources as the read the main passage.

One of the shortfalls of this method of referencing is that it takes up valuable space in the main passage. The reader can easily be dissuaded to continue reading the article because of the constant in line referencing if the project is not engaging enough. In some cases it might be difficult to cite online sources as an author or title might not be easily visible.