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Mind Blowing Benefits of Technology in Education System

Posted on: April 3, 2017

We have all been usually assigned by our institute to produce some writing piece like essay. Students are not familiar from how to write a good essay. For our predecessors, the only way to compose a piece of writing was with the use of the traditional pen and paper. The type of pen which was used often depended on the whereabouts of where the writing was taking place. A quill was used for writing which is usually made from a bird’s feather. This is the main seam of the feather of the bird which is also waterproof. Quills were most commonly used by the Europeans.

Today’s children might not understand the need to sharpen a quill every now and then but, they know how to browse the information superhighway at lightning speed. A child’s knowledge has been significantly elevated by the impact of technology on education. The internet has had a substantial impact on our everyday lives. It has connected people in different continents in the blink of an eye. It has also provided us with in-depth information about various subjects. Technology has helped people across the world communicate with each other. Similarly, it has helped to improve communication between students and teachers as well as providing a wealth of information.

Benefits of Technology in Education System

Advantages How Technology Helps Education and Learning

When we talk about education, it is every parent’s request that their child receive undivided attention from their instructors. Even with a lower number of students in the classroom, it is physically impossible for a teacher to independently provide complete concentration to each student’s work and performance. Teachers can implement various tools to assist students in learning at the same time carry out interactive evaluations. With the help of technology and websites educators can even furnish results and assessments. There are various interactive whiteboards and similar tools which teachers can use to keep students engaged in the learning process. Students’ involvement in the interactive process of learning guarantees that their skills will definitely proliferate.

Qualified teachers of renowned institutes have preferences of conducting their classes in the computer lab. This gives teachers the opportunity to employ various ways to improve memory for students as tools or techniques. Instructors can also use these automated mechanisms to evaluate each student independently. Educators can also use the impact of technology on education to ensure that they are imparting an impartial and unprejudiced standard of education. Just like King Essays UK, uses software to provide their clients with plagiarism free work, similarly institutes can impart standards seamlessly using technology. Educators can be sure that their students have no chance of cheating.

Student Privileges of Using Technology in the Classroom

Not only do teachers enjoy the benefits of teaching using ultramodern tools but students also gain an unnecessary advantage if they are serious with their globalisation essay. Since using state-of-art technology teachers can easily assess each student individually. Learners can also guarantee success provided that they give their undivided attention to the task at hand. With the help of clickers, which institutes can purchase from companies like Teach Tomorrow, learners can respond to questions using the clicker. Teachers receive each one of their student’s individual responses from their clickers and can easily assess each pupil’s perception of the subject being taught.

With the assistance of technology scholars can give new meaning to their work. They can submit comprehensive research on a pertaining subject from the stone ages to present day. They can even buy essay from one of the many sources online if they are not in the mood to put in the effort. They can also use these interactive methods of automation to acquire skills and information about the pertaining subject being taught at their institute. There is no limiting the amount of effort a scholar puts in a certain subject given it is their personal favourite subject. It is highly likely that even students can present a new way to look at old concepts and theories with new research.

Are There Negative Aspects of Using Technology Scholarly?

With all these benefits of using technology in the classroom and the learning environment, surely there must be a downside. Nothing on this Earth can be all good? Believe it or not, there is a downfall to using all this technology in the classroom environment. Psychologists say that this will develop a generation which is void of emotions and feelings. They say that since machines do not have sentiments they cannot teach a person how to behave in the presence of companionship. Machines also do not have to operate within a social structure like humans do. We might be giving birth to a society which is void of feeling empathy.

According to a world renowned physicist by the name of Stephen Hawking artificial intelligence could be disastrous for humanity. According to him, “The rise of powerful AI will be either the best, or the worst thing, ever to happen to humanity.” He went on further to say that artificial intelligence may prove to be a useful tool to eradicate poverty and improve health conditions. At the same time he expressed his reluctance as it could also be used as a tool by an elite few to subjugate the masses. This could in turn bring about new problems.