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6 Common Issues Working Students Face with Their Studies

Posted on: May 20, 2017

Some students decide even before starting university or college that they will find a job or gain positive working experience before completing graduation. The problems encountered by working students are completely different from the issues faced by full-time students. At times working students will even pay someone to do your assignment because they might not have the time for it. Let’s look at all the different problems associated with working and studying in college or a university at the same time.

  1. Health Concerns
  2. Time Management
  3. Financial Issues
  4. Family Life
  5. Social Life
  6. Sleep and Relaxation

Common Issues Faced by Working Students While Studying

To the full-time student it might seem tempting to work and study at the same time thinking of all the financial gains. In reality only the working student knows exactly the amount of pressure they are facing on a daily basis. This is not something which is going to be a piece of cake for anyone.

Productively Managing Time as Well as a Healthy Lifestyle

Studies about working students have shown that students having fifteen credit hours or more and working at the same time have difficulty managing their time. They are unable to give their full attention to any one of the two, their work and studies, at the same time. If they give more importance to their studies, their job will start to get neglected. Students should try to aim for a scholarship at their institute to make savings on tuition and find a part-time job.

Trying to find the perfect personal statement writing service for their next job, students often start to ignore their personal health. Some start to become obese while others lose weight drastically. This is a very crucial part of your life and health is a key concern which should not be ignored. Find time to go to a gym at least three times a week if not more.

Coordinating Finances and Interacting with Family Members

University students could start writing a short story based on the people they borrowed from or gave money to. It is imperative that you write down every single transaction. This is the only way you will not forget about it. Dedicate a notebook exclusively for this purpose. Write down all the money you have borrowed and all the money you have lend. Whenever you make a transaction make the necessary updates in the notebook. There are several problems encountered by working students trying to spend quality time with family. You might want to spend time with a certain family member but they might not be free at that time. Try to schedule events which are convenient for all of the family members to participate. It is not necessary that you need to schedule several events in a short period of time but rather quality events.

Enjoying the Time Off and Relishing Sleep

Being a working student finding time to sleep is always a daunting task. Nights will be spent working or completing your institute’s homework. Spending the evening completing that law personal statement your friend asked help on, early morning classes are always going to be dreaded. One way to get everything out of the way before going to sleep is to multitask during the day. When you have free time between classes or at work, you can complete your assignments or any other task that might keep you from sleeping on time. On the weekends you can spend your time watching movies with your friends or go to a restaurant. On the weekend prioritise your work before you start to have fun. This way you will really enjoy your time with the complete satisfaction of knowing that you do not have any academic obligations to accomplish later on.