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5 Effects of Ignoring the Importance of Mental Health

Posted on: May 12, 2017

No one can deny the importance of mental health in education, as well as in the workplace. Healthy body, healthy mind as the saying goes experts advise that the inverse is actually true. Experts do not deny the importance of exercises for concentration improvement but they also warn that ignoring mental health can have serious physical repercussions on the body. One of the major physical consequences of ignoring mental health can also lead to stomach disorders. Some of the factors associated with ignoring mental health include:

  1. Depression
  2. Heart Problems
  3. Genetic Factors
  4. Work Performance
  5. Personal Life

If left untreated or unresolved depression can become a serious problem leading to several other diseases. It can damage self-confidence to the point where a person may not remain fit to hold a job or maintain normal relationships. This can have a varied effect on sleep patterns of depressed individuals.

Effects of Ignoring the Mental Health Importance

The Multifarious Physical and Mental Effects of Depression

Men and women exhibit symptoms of depression in a different manner. Men will tend to exhibit violent behaviour, frustration and anger much more compared to women. Women on the other hand, will tend to be much more emotional and insecure. Men will carry out high risk manoeuvres not being able to correctly gauge their own mental health in college. Women will have the most creative writing ideas to fill a void within themselves through the different facets of shopping.

Left alone to their thoughts, depressed people will often try to seek comfort and solace in alcohol and drug abuse. This is a very common trend among teenagers and men of all ages. The following are some indications of depression:

  1. Failure to maintain long term relationships
  2. Shivering or palpitation
  3. Incomprehensible memory loss
  4. Using drugs or alcohol in loneliness
  5. Using alcohol and drugs in solitude
  6. Reluctant to talk about the drug or alcohol abuse

If any of these symptoms are evident this is a warning sign that the person may need to seek medical assistance immediately.

Heart Problems Associated with Inferior Mental Health

The British Heart Foundation has found that people with mental health problems are twice as likely to develop cardiac problems. The first thing a qualified doctor will want to do to treat a patient with heart problem is to rule out the risk of depression, mental health or apprehension. Some people are easily perturbed by stress triggers which leads them to think of everything in too much detail with full concentration. The person’s heart starts beating faster because everything seems so serious and important to them.

Another concern to understand the importance of mental health is genetics. If your family members have anxiety problems or issues with nervousness it is likely that it could affect you as well. For students it is best to complete your English homework, as soon as possible. Waiting for the last moment could lead to you dealing with stress and anxiety compounded with multiple cardiac problems.

Mental Health Associated with Social Life and Workplace

Personal identity, self esteem and social recognition can have a significant impact on a person’s mental health. Big organisations are now realising that their employee’s mental health has a significant impact on their productivity. Originally organisations placed more importance on physical health than on mental health. Now companies understand that rather than swamping their employees with overtime, it is also important for parents to provide quality homework help to their children. This in turn gives employees an overall better level of achieved mental health which means better productivity for the company.

Mental health is a paramount concern for people who are unemployed. Getting employed once again has proven to be one of the best ways to improve an unemployed person’s mental health. Sometimes even employed people have to deal with depression when dealing with co-workers or managers who are excessively demanding for no apparent reason.