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Attractive Assignment Must Possess Good Communication Skills

Posted on: May 4, 2017

Employers complain that the new generation of highly skilled and qualified students entering the market are unable to communicate effectively. Their body language and eye contact are severely deficient. Employers presume that the rise of technology and social media may be to blame. This has caused the new generation to be highly tech-savvy but severely deficient when it comes to exhibiting good communication skills physically in real life situations. The advancement in technology has connected students with each other and helped them to concentrate on studies for better results. But they have lost sight of what is effective communication in real life situations and when to exhibit which skill. Here we will discuss specific techniques to achieve good communication. These skills can be conducive both academically and socially for students.

How to Improve Communication Skills in your Assignments

One of the most important factors that can determine the success of a student is their ability to take notes when the teacher is delivering a lecture. A majority of students bring their laptop to provide them with university assignment help in taking notes during class. The use of a laptop may make it easier for students to take notes during class but it also caters to a variety of distractions. The best way to maintain focus during class and not get distracted is to sit in the front and try to maintain eye contact with your instructor. Installing good software to block pop-up ads is also important to maintaining focus during class. The important thing is to take notes during class. This is not the time to research the topic under discussion.

Assignment Must Possess Good Communication Skills

Understanding the Body Language of Teacher’s and Colleague’s

Body language is an important factor in communication whether you are in class or in a personal relationship. Sometimes we don’t always say exactly what we mean. Gestures and body language imply that we do something else rather than what is communicated by voice. Sometimes you can tell how anxious a person is to provide you with assignment writing help by the speed at which he is talking. Other times you may be able to tell how a grim a situation is because of the tone of voice a person uses. Facial expressions and eye contact, posture, gestures, space and physical contact are the various cues which you can look for to assist you in assessing a person’s body language. Be careful, some gestures may be offensive and your posture speaks volumes about your confidence.

Strong Communication Skills Contributing to Academic Success

The first thing to do to ensure effective communication is to identify barriers of communication. These barriers can be physical barriers or they can also be mental barriers. It will be easier to come up with a solution once all the barriers have been identified. If you don’t understand the criteria for carefully selecting a dissertation title before starting to write the dissertation, communicate this to your institute. King Essay also provides comprehensive customised solutions to students. When in class students should portray confidence and exuberance with the help of their body language. Crossed legs and or arms should be avoided and a positive body posture should be selected when seated in class. Also try and take notice of your teacher’s gestures, if they are giving you their approval or disapproval with thumbs up or down.