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13 Practical Easy Ways to Save Money in Academic Career

Posted on: August 1, 2017

Being a student is an expensive period in life with the rewards coming much later. It is important that students acknowledge easy ways to save money. Wealth will always come in handy later at a more important juncture in life. We’ve compiled a list of 13 easy ways to save money for students and help them make the most of their academic career.

Easy Ways To Save Money In Academic Career

  1. Move off campus: The best way to save money is to find room and board off campus possibly with a group of colleagues or friends. Sharing the rent will guarantee savings. Maintain discipline while sharing accommodation, turn off lights and appliances which are no longer in use to save electricity.
  2. Pay bills early: Schedule to pay different bills all together before their respective due dates to avoid late fees and charges. Some vendors even provide discounts if you pay the bills well before their actual due dates. Talk to neighbours and community members to find out if your provider is the cheapest or conduct a home energy check.
  3. Reduce Carbon Emissions: Use fluorescent lights instead of halogen lights, this will help you secure savings on your electricity. Reduce the heating and try putting on warmer clothes instead, to save on gas. Turn off lights and switch off and unplug appliances which are not in use instead of leaving them on standby.
  4. Inscribe a budget: Improve own writing skills and produce a written monthly budget of your expenses. Know exactly how much you are paying for accommodation, basic utilities, food and transport to find out how much you have left over. Try to make savings on a monthly basis instead of spending it on things which you do not really need.
  5. Buy and Sell Used Textbooks: Buying new books instead of used books does not guarantee any better learning and it costs more too. Purchasing used books costs less than half the cost of buying new books. Shop around for the best stationery for writing a good essay deals before settling to buy a particular item.
  6. Scholarships: Almost all institutes provide scholarships to students who excel academically. Students can make savings on their tuition and choose to buy assignments online UK standard compositions for the subjects they find difficult or challenging. King Essay UK provides comprehensive assistance with definitive guarantees and warranties to its clients.
  7. Cook at home: One month eating home cooked meals will produce significant savings compared to eating outside. Cooking at home, you can even cook your favourite foods daily and even share it at less the cost. There will be a much higher meal satisfaction with each meal.
  8. Buy in bulk: Find out which convenient store is the cheapest in your area and buy a month’s supplies in bulk. It is significantly cheaper buying in large quantities than buying in singles. Know how much supplies you will require in a month than try to find the best deals.
  9. Always compare prices: Some stores such as Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Lidl have certain products which are cheaper compared to their counterparts. Smaller shops will be more expensive with a streamlined business environment assignment for each product. There are several comparison websites which can inform you of the best deals for your product.
  10. Ask for discounts and offers: If you are a student in the UK, you could be buy a discount card from the National Union of Students (best value 3 year card) and other similar organisations. One of the benefits of being a student in the UK is the ability to get round the clock discounts on your favourite items.
  11. Cancelling the TV Licence: Avoid paying overpriced membership fees to your local cable operator or the TV licence. Alternatively, if you have a high-speed broadband connection you can watch your favourite shows and movies on the internet and save a hefty amount monthly. The TV screen can be connected directly to a PC or laptop to watch your favourite programs.
  12. Cancelling the Gym Membership: With the determination of losing a few pounds physically members usually end up paying substantial amount of pounds monthly in membership fees. If going to the gym is not a daily priority consider dropping the excessive baggage of having to pay the gym membership.
  13. Quit Smoking (Recreational Drugs): This is one habit which has no short-term or long-term benefits in any way. Smoking will set you back both financially and physically. Talk to your counsellor to help you quit or you can purchase a quit smoking kit.